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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on at our church.
Mike Simmonds will be leading our Church Anniversary Morning Service and will then be staying on for the afternoon session (start 2.30pm and aimed to finish no later than 4.15pm)
The afternoon of "Multimedia Presentation" is aimed mainly at those who are responsible or have some interest in our public worship.  Preachers and teachers, including those from other circuits and other local denominations have been invited but the meeting is open to all that have an interest in this subject.
Mike Simmonds, who is leading the presentation writes -
-GO Ministries is committed to the Biblical concept and calling of 'preaching' whilst recognising the modern mind and attention span is severely limited through the advent of television and the 'sound bite' approach of much of the media.

We are committed to communicating Christ to all ages using 'multimedia' graphics to visualize the message in a variety of contexts. GO Ministries has developed evangelistic programmes using multimedia graphics, video and music to provide a setting which is non-threatening to the unchurched but clearly and unequivocally communicates Christ and the need to respond in faith and repentance.

To everyone with the concern of how to use new ways of preaching the Word using modern methods this should be an afternoon well spent and we will be pleased to see you there.

For further details please contact Roger White (Church Sec.) on or phone him on 01322 615180

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